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Who are we ?

The Zoolandia project was initiated by the company C.R. Multi services, concessionaire of forest reserve of Zone D in the Patte d'Oie of Brazzaville.


The Public / Private Partnership between the company and the Republic of Congo is set up to support the Government in the implementation of its protected areas valorisation policy, notably the Patte d'Oie Forest Reserve, whose product carrier to be valued is the former Zoological Park of Brazzaville, historic and entirely natural place.


By our association called Zoolandia - association law 1901 - of general interest, our mission is to preserve the fauna and flora species from the Congo Basin.


To meet this primordial mission, we are setting up the Zoo of tomorrow, reproducing the natural living conditions in each territory, for specimens in comfort and confidence, with values ​​essentially oriented towards the protection of nature, harmony, the increased endangered wildlife populations and pedagogy, in order to sustainably change the devastating behaviors affecting the fauna and flora of the sub-region.




Biodiversity is today seriously threatened by human activities. The consequences of the erosion of this biodiversity are dramatic: irreversible heritage loss, loss of ecosystem services related to food, wood, climate, water resources, genetic resources, pharmacopoeias.

The poorest people in developing countries are also the most affected because their livelihood depends directly on natural resources and their availability.

Thus, this project is part of the right to information in a current context, for citizen involvement and awareness, securing, valuing and preserving, making information available and making it easier. access, education and training, accompanied by workshops in contact with nature.


The Congo and the Congo Basin region have dozens of animal and plant species, the most coveted in Africa and in the world.

In addition, the local population does not have access to this heritage, and is sometimes forced to discover it elsewhere.


Our desire is to respond to this need and to offer the population the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the animals and plants of their region.


Some of these species are in danger of extinction because of poaching, hunting and deforestation.


Zoolandia was born from the desire to participate more in the development of social and cultural activities, in harmony with the environment.


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