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Our vision

Conserve, educate, promote research and entertain

Everyone can act to protect and preserve animal and plant biodiversity by learning to live with and be part of nature.

A good knowledge of the natural heritage is one of the indispensable and satisfactory conditions for conservation, valorization and its management. Understanding the distribution and balances of ecosystems and species populations in the Congo Basin region, facilitates the action of actors in their interventions for nature (inhabitants, farmers, associations).

Our priority is securing the last forest reserve in downtown Brazzaville, which has lost volume and density due to uncontrolled felling and a fire that has caused the loss of part of this forest.

The ecological and social issues are linked, our goal is to contribute to the preservation of the natural heritage through education for the change of individual and collective behaviors.

Our initiative is to conserve this reserve for the long term, by developing it and by introducing wildlife and plant species to offer a place of sharing and cultural fulfillment.

Zoolandia will play the main roles of safeguarding endangered wild flora and fauna, pedagogy, recreation and research. Our goal is to raise public awareness of the threats to wildlife. We are at the forefront of the fight to save endangered species threatened by the destruction of their forest habitat, such as gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants and other animals.

Beyond the Zoological Park, Zoolandia will be provided with an insectarium, for the presentation of trophies of tropical insects and some living species to encourage research; a museum dedicated to the environment and the dangers of deforestation and poaching; a botanical garden, for the collection of horticultural species and to encourage research; and a set of fun and educational activities to encourage visitors to embrace the cause of preservation.

To maximize its effectiveness, Zoolandia will also be equipped with a veterinary center to treat park animals and wild animals in distress, with a view to their reintroduction into the natural environment.


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